Extreeeeeeme Pumpkin Carving

Okay, I tried to wait for October 1st to roll around, really, I did. But it was torture as Halloween is my favorite holiday. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe the free candy. Maybe it was one holiday that didn’t have hours and hours of church services associated with it. Anyway, I love Halloween, so when the plastic pumpkins, black and orange M & M’s and miniature haunted houses hit the shelves, I’m all over them like Augustus Gloop on a Wonka Bar.

To launch this most frightful and festive season, take a look at Extreme Pumpkins for a little jack-o-lantern inspiration--and how-to tips. Oh, be still my pumpkin carvin’ heart!!

Some are funny,

Extreeeeeeme Pumpkin Carving

some are disturbing,

some are gross,

and some are just plain dangerous!!

All photos property of Extreme Pumpkins and are used here with their permission.

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