Turn your blown bulbs into fabulous light fixtures!

Turn your blown bulbs into fabulous light fixtures!

Bulbs Unlimited has created a kits that allows you to turn your old, blown, incandescent light bulbs into very cool light fixtures. Using the kit’s ‘Inkubator’ template, you mark the blown bulbs with a pen, glue snaps at the marks and then snap your bulbs together like Legos, making bulb shades, as it were. Fix them all together with a nylon strap, which you slip over the lamp ring holder. And voila, very cool lighting effects. Grow tired of your creation? Just take it apart and make a new one. DIY-able? Sure... with a little patience and the right glue.

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Jaime Carlson on Jul 14, 2014:

I love this! I'm going to use this for my next project! These would be awesome gifts.

Paula on May 31, 2013:

Great lamps. When you said patience and the right glue!! Have the patience but what kind of glue did you use?? Please share it would appreciate it!!!!

Kelli on Feb 05, 2012:

I need more detailed instructions please. :)

asilnnigcm on Sep 28, 2007:

One word ... BRILLIANT!

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