How To Create Custom Knitting and Crocheting Patterns.

I must admit: I haven't taken the time to become very skillful at knitting or crocheting. I can do it, I just generally don't. It's partially because I'm not much for repetitive activity, but its mostly because I know I'm gonna have to get really good at it before I can start making my own designs or patterns.

The KnitPro web app from Microrevolt says, "nuh-uh". The KnitPro website allows anyone to upload artwork, and produce a grid designed for handmade goodness.

Here's my adventure with the cover artwork from T.Rex's The Slider. Be sure to look around Microrevolt.org, which is committed to identifying the problems of globaization and gender politics inherent in labor exploitation.

How To Create Custom Knitting and Crocheting Patterns.
1. Select your image or text. Locate or create an image, and create a .jpg or .png that is less than one megabyte.

2. Upload your image to Knitpro. Head to www.microrevolt.org/knitpro and select your grid and stitch size. The stitch size is determined by your chosen medium: needlepoint, cross stitch, crochet or two orientations (landscape or portrait). Click "Submit" 

3. Apply it. KnitPro will then create a PDF file that you can use as a pattern. If you're feeling ambitious, choose the XL grid size, and blow up your image with Photoshop or Rasterbator.


Close up: 


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jogosde on Mar 12, 2013:

its a unique and interesting artical.providing new ideas about knitting or crocheting.its a institute to learn new things.

PicsToKnits on Oct 14, 2012:

Try http://www.picstoknits.co.uk which is a free website that allows you to upload any image and generate a knitting pattern. It has features such as cropping the image, colour reduction and changing the colours used. Highly recommended and totally free!

asilnnigcm on Jan 04, 2008:

 Happy 08 Chris!

    I've been looking for how to do this very thing for a few days in a number of knitting books, thanks for these instructions. Do you know if or how a design can be adapted to a smaller motif? Hope you are well.

Thanks again,


vertigo on Oct 17, 2007:

i used this program to make my finace a halo 3 blanket!

readjulia on Sep 27, 2007:

As a bit of a knitter myself, my first thought upon seeing the knitting chart is that it might look a bit wonky actually knitted up. It's a little tough to explain, but since knitting stitches are wider than they are tall, in order for a graphic to knit up at the right horizontal/vertical perspective, it needs to be "stretched" vertically. A little tough to explain, but I think if you knitted this chart exactly as presented, it would wind up looking like someone squished the nice lady's head. Although, after typing all that, I realized that what you're showng is the cross stitch chart, so maybe the knitting charts stretch things out appropriately. Or maybe I'll just stop talking now.

atrophie on Sep 25, 2007:

that's one of my favourite albums!

very nice!

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