How to Make a Jean Purse

How to Make a Jean Purse

If you have an old pair of jeans that are absolutely unwearable, don't worry there's still hope. Make those jeans into something really special like a jean purse!

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How to Make a Jean Purse

Shaping the Bag 

First, take out a pair of old jeans, hold them up so the front and back waist match up at the top and then pin together. Then, lay them on the table with the back pockets facing upward and smooth the part above the crotch so it is flat as possible. Then  take a pair of scissors and cut off the bottom part just above the crotch area.

Sewing the Seams

Turn it inside out and pin the bottom together. Using a running stitch, sew a seam along the bottom and repeat going in the opposite direction to enforce the seam. Next square off the bottom edges by making a triangle shape and sew across the bottom making a small triangle.  After squaring both edges, turn it right side out again.

The Flap

Take out your tape measure and measure the width at the top of the jeans. Next bring back one of the pant legs,  rip apart the seams, and make one long stretch of fabric. Iron out all the creases then take the measurements you just took and mark them out across the pant leg the pant leg.

Shaping it Up 

Cut the top part off and fold in the fabric to the mark you made and going down at a slight angle. Iron the crease and pin along the edge. Then do the same to the other side. Now place the flat piece into the body of the bag, where it will be sewn later. Feel down to where the bag ends and the flap overlaps. Cut across about one inch below that point.

Attaching the Flap 

Next take the flap and sew seams down along the edges and cut off the excess fabric. Pin the flap back inside the body of bag and sew seam from the outside and the inside across the flap. Fold up the bottom hem of the flap, pin and sew.

The Strap and Finishing Up

Next take out that other pant leg and cut out three equal strips as long as possible. Cut a hole in the side of the bag, place the strips on top of each other and thread them through the hole. Tie a knot and braid the strips together as tight as possible. Make a hole in the other side of the bag, pull the strips through and tie another knot and finito you have yourself a rocking jean purse.


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Terri on Feb 15, 2019:

I did something similar for my dad’s walker!

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