DIY acrylic bedside table & lamp

Yay! finally finished DIY-ing my bedside table. It also doubles up as a lamp as i placed the lamp inside. 

Its pretty simple to do. i bought the separate acrylic pieces and glued them together using acrylic glue, (left the back uncovered as i wanted some air circulation for the heated bulb) sprayed glue on the lace and stick it to the underside of the table, placed the lamp iunder the table and there u go..

DIY acrylic bedside table & lamp

This is my first time glueing acrylic to lace. i sprayed clear glue onto the lace. not sure if it will last? thought it should be ok since its on the underside of the table and theres nothing to disturb it to make it loose.more photos at my home blog ... 

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DestinybyDefinition on Apr 05, 2009:

I have to know what the old title read! And the table slash lamp is beautiful! I would have typed the actual slash but somehow i managed to turn my keyboard to french english where it displays funny apostrophies instead of what I intend it to.

Affinity on Sep 29, 2007:

Thanks all!
Hi erin, just discovered your DFM blog. very nice! will check it out often.

hey analogthought, your table sounds like an interesting project!

erinloechner on Sep 26, 2007:

Loooove this project! Great job!

analogthought on Sep 23, 2007:

You have to layer it, but I have a friend who I helped with a project where she took her coffee table, and we polyurethaned chinese newspaper all over the surface space of the table. You have to do thin coats, one layer at a time to get it nice and even. I'd imagine if you used the spray adhesive first with the lace you could flatten any bubbles and then once dry add the polyurethane.

Affinity on Sep 23, 2007:

Hi analogthought,

thanks for your idea! hey never used polyurethane coats before, will it be thick enough to smooth out the bumps of the lace so that i can have a smooth table top?

Hope the lace last for as long as i like the table :) will post here when the lace falls off so that people thinking of DIYing that can get an idea of how long it last.

analogthought on Sep 21, 2007:

The only thing that may happen is that because of the glue and over time, use of the bulb, etc,  it may dry out the glue and some of the lace may fall off. I'd say glue on the outside and a thin coat of polyurethane might last longer?

Affinity on Sep 11, 2007:

Heheh, wont it gather more interest from readers? :P
Anyway i've changed it to avoid unintentionally 'disturbing' people :)

Caya123 on Sep 11, 2007:

Good grief, you might want to check your spelling on that title there.

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