Lofty Ideas pt. 1: Saturation Point

I've been collecting magazine and online clippings for many a year, just waiting for the day when I had a blank slate to decorate all my own. That day draws near, I'll be moving into a new artists loft this spring.

It will have brick on one wall, and the others will be drywall. It has grey concrete floors. I have a black TV console with a grey TV, a white IKEA dresser, and a black and white shelving unit. No real significant rugs or chairs (except my tullsta which is getting re-covered to match whatever colors I choose), and the IKEA bookcase that can be covered with any paper or paint so as to camoflauge or highlight it. That's about it. 

It's a tiny studio, so I'm looking for creative solutions to having my bed pretty much out there for everyone to see all day. I'm also wanting a sofa bed for when my sister or other friends come to visit. Or maybe, just an air mattress. 

In the mean time, I'm trying to use up my huge stash of fabric, ribbon, beads, and paper in art and jewelry to sell. That way I don't have so much to move, and so much to put into storage. I come from a long line of magpie women though. When we cleaned out my Grandma's barn, we found a box marked 'Bits of String, too small to Save', full of 1 to 2 inch pieces of string.

Here are some looks I'm considering.

From Usona home-

Lofty Ideas pt. 1: Saturation Point

I like the upholstered look you get with covering the mattress and box spring with different colors. These deep saturated colors really appeal to me. It could look couch-y if I got a full sized bed, and it was up against the wall with some round upholstered pillows acting like the back of the couch. I like that it's low to the ground, but without a headboard I'm worried I'll thrash around and my sleeping pillows will end up on the floor.

Carolyn Quartermaine's book is pretty much the bomb. I read it to myself when I can't sleep. Then I dream of living in a French apartment as cool as this. Could I sleep on a daybed for the rest of my single-living life? Prolly not. This place is EXTREMELY well edited. White, gold, and one deep rich blue. Yum. I'm worried I don't have enough sunlight to make this one work, though.


Pattern, pattern everywhere! These two from Tricia Guild show off fun, intense colors, and vibrant wall and window coverings that really appeal to me, too. I wouldn't use wallpaper in my new place, but I might paint a canvas or two with a bold, large-scale pattern like these. Maybe if I got a nice futon-daybed kind of deal, like the one in the pink picture but with a thicker 'mattress' I could make that work......

Look for more Lofty Ideas as the move-in date draws near!


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ModHomeEcTeacher on Dec 02, 2006:

In my fabric-addicted life, I would say you may get tired of so much pattern.  The top bed is beautiful and the french apt. is calm and serene.  If you want to know how to build a low headboard, just ask!  I love your ideas and the fact that you save pictures of what look you like, I do too.

yoooo on Nov 28, 2006:

I love my loft!! it's not exactly what I dreamed of (I wanted concrete floors and floor to ceiling windows like the Rossmor building) but it's very cool and it's in an old building. I had visions of black, concrete, steel, 2 or 3 pieces of vogue furniture and that's all. I have tons of art so it looks rather like a gallery.  In my opinion, lofts look best when they are rather spartan. I, too, can picture myself living on the Champs Elysees in a 300 sq, ft, flat with a wrought iron balcony where I would look out at the bustling street below, but, alas, that is not to be. 

Living in a loft, we have to have less 'stuff.' That's all there is to it. Clean and streamlined. By the way, I have an airbed on top of a mattress and box spring that just sits on the floor. I put a dark brown sheet on the box spring and a lighter brown sheet on the mattress. It's cheaper than buying one of those beds.

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