Under my feet

My quest for the (near) perfect bathroom rug has FINALLY paid off, and I got a good deal, no less!

My bathroom is a very strange amalgam of design choices. My obessions with Koi fish and seashells are well represented, but my towels are a deep royal blue. So blue, orange, and tan have been the predominant colors.

Most of the rest of my apartment is blues, greens, and other cool colors. I like the underwater look, what can I say?  The actual floor space is very tiny, due to a superawesome clawfoot tub (I'm gonna miss that in my new place, I can tell you that) that literally takes up half of the bathroom.

For a long time, I was just using an old towel as a bath mat. My sister swears by this technique as it's easier to throw it in the wash every few days and keeps the floor cleaner. They slip and slide around though and make me loopy.

Then I bought the Malou rug from IKEA

Under my feet

It reminds me a little bit of a whirlpool! Yayy!  It wasn't very plush, and unfortunately it got soaked through pretty much every time I stepped on it, within a few seconds. It laundered really well, but the color faded the first time I washed it, from the nice aqua you see here to a sort of anemic mint. Sigh.

Last week I went back to IKEA, with no specific goal in mind, and had a rather sad experience. I did remember, hey, maybe I should replace that rug. But I didn't find ANYTHING I liked. There was one woven number that reminded me of my nap rug back in kindergarten, but is do I want to experience 80's flashbacks first thing in the morning?

And then, the clouds parted, and on my walk back from werk yesterday afternoon, the voice of an angel guided me into my local Pier 1. Maybe it was the sparkly pink Christmas decorations in their window, or the faux-mink pillows and not the celestial callings of a messenger of God. Whatever. In any case, I found it.


Behold, I give unto you the perfect bathmat.

It was a toss-up between this number, and a longer shaggier version.



I'm glad I went with the shorter one. The photo doesn't really do it justice, of course, it's a lovely mix of blue and green. It'll fit any future bathroom OR house design I decide to do. I lurve it.

I has the feeling of stepping on a cloud made of t-shirts. Because that's practically what it is. It's made from woven cotton strips, and if I had more time, I'd just make one.  It's a little slippy, but I can just throw one of those rubber drawer liners under it, and it says it's not machine washable but in my experience, pretty much ANYTHING is washable if you treat it nicely. This is going to suit me just fine.

Not only was it on clearance, but I was given a 20% off coupon upon entering the store, so I got this baby for a steal.

I think the Malou will be my cat's no-track-litter-mat when she comes back to live with me. More on that later. For now, I'm going to go sink my toeses in my new bathmat.

Nirvana achieved!

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