FREE Tea-Bag Folding Instructions

FREE Tea-Bag Folding Instructions


According to Handcrafted Greetings, ‘tea bag folding was originally done with tea bag wrappers, hence the name. Tea bag folding consists of folding little squares of decorative paper in a specific pattern and arranging the folded pieces to form a more-or-less round motif or medallion.’ HG suggests making them to embellish scrapbooks and handmade greeting cards, but I’m thinking clever Curbliers everywhere could take these little creations to new and exciting artistic heights. The website includes instructions for making eight different motifs as well as a bunch of fabulous tile squares to download and print. For more how-to's and inspiration, check out Richard's site, and for more free printable papers, go to Clip Art 'n Crafts.

Starry Night paper from Clip Art 'n Crafts.

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