DIY Dress Forms...Or How to Duct Tape Yourself a New Friend

DIY Dress Forms...Or How to Duct Tape Yourself a New Friend

Your body is unique. Here's four tutorials from Threads magazine, with instructions to create an exact replica of your own torso.

Once finished, stick one on an adjustable microphone stand or an old floor lamp to mimic your own height. 

Even if you're not one to sew your own dresses, make one anyway. There's bound to be all kinds of uses. Post 'em in the comments below. 

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sillygirl on Aug 31, 2007:

I had never thought of making one... but I've been looking for a taylor going out of business or something so I could snag one cheep then modify it to fit my specific deminsions...

Anyway, living in a small apartment, I'm always concerned about space (which is really tight when you like to DIY), so when/if I get mine, I'm going to sit in in my entry so that when I'm not using it, it's a super cool coat rack.

LenkArt on Aug 28, 2007:

Yea, nice idea, may be you should announce a contest for the best dress.

DIY Maven on Aug 28, 2007:

I was toying with the idea of making a paper mache dress form a while back, but wasn't sure it was do-able. Apparently it is! (Sizing was the very reason I stopped sewing clothes for myself.)

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