How to Make a Vest out of a T-Shirt

We're bringing back the Vest in a whole new way. Move over Ferris Bueller, this quick and easy t-shirt restyling will have you stylin' in no time. We are always looking for new cool DIY fashion ideas at Threadbanger, so be sure to send in your ideas! And don't forget to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes!


First, get a T-shirt. 
How to Make a Vest out of a T-Shirt
Draw a line up the middle with a fabric pen. 
Now, get your scissors and cut up the shirt along the line you just made. 
Then, cut off the sleeves along the seam. 
Place the sleeves on the bottom of the shirt, as shown, for pockets. 
Pin and sew... 
and you're officially too cool for school! 

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Cassie on Oct 28, 2011:

This is an awesome tutorial! I used it to make a [last minute] Han Solo vest for Halloween! Thanks!

liendt0706 on Jun 30, 2008:

;)) so funny

cindyAtStaged4more on Aug 17, 2007:

that looks pretty good actually. i think the key is to find the right shirt to make it with.

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