$10,000 kitchen, bath remodeling contest

Moen Incorporated's Show Us Your Style Contest

Faucet-maker Moen Incorporated has debuted their summer design/remodeling contest Show Us Your Style, which I thought you all might find interesting! Basically, what you do is submit your kitchen and bathroom remodeling stories, pictures and tips at www.showusyourstyle.com. Every two weeks, a new $500 winner is selected. At the end of the contest, there will be a $10,000 random giveaway sweepstakes.

This is the second year we've done user-submitted content, and people really seem to enjoy it. As the contest goes on (it ends in October), hundreds of people's homes will be on display on the site, and it should be very interesting for you to continue to check out. It's sort of like getting to peak in your neighbor's windows on a warm, summer night's walk!



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Anonymous on Nov 11, 2015:

My kitchen is 1954 built-in style including the original Westinghouse copper colored oven and cook-top. The oven hasn't worked in...decades!  Only one burner works on the cooktop. The faucet is a no-name standard faucet. It is a sad kitchen of unimaginable ugliness but I have not had the funds in the 33 years I have lived in the house to upgrade it.

Oh - the bathroom is also from 1954 with the orginal pink bathtub and sink and the cheapest, ugliest faucets and showerheads. Original wall tile and floor - super nasty. Again do not have the funds to upgrade. Hello Moen I live right in Cleveland where you are! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!

Jackie on Sep 07, 2013:

I have been praying for help in remodeling my bath because the 1930's called and they want it back its so small me or my daughter who's four can barely fit please help!!!!!!!!

Crystal on Jul 21, 2013:

I am expecting a baby and i am mvoing in with my new fiance however his hoem is very unclean and unsafe for living. We are desperate for some help in remodeling the basemnet and laying new carpet. Otherwie we cannot bring our baby home. Please HELP!!  Amen.

Linda on Feb 13, 2013:

My granddaughter got married this past November. She and her new husband are trying to remodel my husband's grandfather's house (not sure how old it is but my husband is in his 70's). So far, they have gutted the old house by themselves. I would love to see them selected. Of course, they don't have much extra income and are attempting to do the majority of the work. It needs new wiring, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom. They are good kids and i would be so grateful to see them get selected. They are currently living in a travel trailer next to the old house. Thank you for your consideration. Grandma Linda

Rob Harlan on Dec 29, 2012:

My wife has been through so much these past two years because of my poor choices, she deserves a new kitchen. She is a fabulously cook and deserves to cookin a professional environment.

Rob Harlan on Dec 29, 2012:

My wife has been through so much the past two years, i would love to give her a new kitchen. She deserves this.

Thank you for your consideration.

Cindy on Mar 22, 2012:


I came across this site in desperation as my home is in dire need of repairs, I am a disabled, unemployed single mother and my home was damaged do to a flood, I hired a contractor with the insurance money and he totally destroyed my home and plumbed it all wrong and did significant damage that I can't afford to fix.  I am praying for a miracle and that I could get my home repaired as there is black mold starting to get into my basement due to the flood damage.  My prayers are going out with this letter. 

God Bless

Cindy on Mar 22, 2012:

Hi, I recently had a flood in my home and hired a contractor to fix my kitchen and bath and he totally ruined my home, I am a disabled, unemployed single mother and can't afford to repair what he has done to my home.  It is horrible, I am living in an unhealthy environment due to the mold that the flood has caused.  I could really use some help as I have no way to repair my home.  I am in dire need of help and would feel so blessed if a miracle would happen and I could have my home fixed, as it is deteriorating day by day.  My prayers are sent with this letter.


Cindy and Son


Luke de Castro on Mar 05, 2012:

I belong to a Fraternity in Las Vegas Nevada at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. We have a house and need some remodeling. Our house has been around for many years and it is in some rough shape. We have tried to do some remodeling but it is very hard when we have insufficent funds. Our bath room had seen better days and is completely out of date. As for our kitchen it is probably the worst element in our house and needs some serious remodeling. We are very thankful for our house but we need some help. So please take us into consideration and help us out. Thank you

Amanda on Feb 26, 2012:

We need a new kitchen so badly!!!! We have lived in this house for 6 years and its about 1/3 finished. When we moved in it was an 1940's original. No renos what so ever. Our kitchen needs un extreem update. It is absolutly embarasing. I would love to have a beautiful kitchen to cook with my daughter. She loves baking. Please Please Please let us win good lord!!!!!

Kim on Sep 12, 2011:

My husband and I live in a Victorian home in the Western Foothills of Maine. The house is over 100 years old. As a child case manager and community center program director, our lives are so busy assisting others in the community that there is little time or money to focus on our home. We both love to cook and spend a good deal of time in kitchen which could benefit from an update. I try to fix it to make it comfortable and efficient but needless to say on our budget we are limited. I believe remodeling our kitchen would be a challenge to any one. Any inexpensive ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Donna on Sep 04, 2011:

We only have one bathroom and there are 5 in our household. The house was build in the early 70's and never been updated

Eric on Sep 03, 2011:

I recently moved to Richmond, VA. I have always dreamed of remodeling my mothers bathroom. She lives on her own and did her best to raise three boys into men. My brother hired a friend of a friend to do a remodeling job, but as they always go...Failure! Theres nothing better than making your mother proud, and winning the remodel would do just that!

Monica on Aug 27, 2011:

We bought our house in 1995 with every intention of renovating the bathroom as soon as possible. That was 16 years ago, but due to lack of money we have yet to renovate. The worst part of our bathroom, which is our only bathroom in our house, is the floor. You can literally see through to the basement at a part of the floor next to the tub. There is no exhaust in our bathroom, the tub is scratched and the paint is peeling, and our cabinets are warped due to all the moistuere. Our 12 year old son has even asked when we are "fixing" the bathroom so that no one will fall through the floor! It would be awesome to win, not only for a beautiful makeover, but also for safety reasons!

BRAE on Aug 22, 2011:

Save us from our 1970's avocado bathroom. We have lived in our 1970's house for 2 years now. We are currently in the middle of renovating our kitchen which is super exciting. We have also just received news that I am expecting twins in March 2012 which has come as a bit of a shock!!! I have a 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son so soon our home will be filled with 4 children under 4 and 1/2 years old who will all be sharing 1 bathroom. This bathroom has tons of potential for 2 sinks, an upgraded bath tub and toliet. Right now the bathroom has an avocado tub and toliet with a really long counter and a shell shaped sink. With all of our money going into our new kitchen and the news of 2 babies arriving it would be an incredible blessing to have this bathroom upgraded before the twins arrive.

Sandi on Aug 18, 2011:

I am about to take on three more children. I am in serious need of any and all extras that can be offered. This is the most exciting time of my life...I will get to take care of three kids that just need a whole lot of love and the extra material things will just be an added feature.

Anonymous on Aug 14, 2011:

Naugatuck Connecticut-August 14, 2011

We love your show. Our house was built back in 1957 and our kitchen looks every bit of it to say the least. There is so much that we want to do but we don't have enough money or knowledge to do it. I had recently lost my job which makes things that much harder. With that in mind our cabinets are awful, our floor is coming up and apart, we have no exaust hood and our countertops look like they came from the cafeteria at WallMart. So if their is anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

cindy o on Aug 09, 2011:

My kitchen was 25 years old and the built in appliances were not repairable.So I took out a loan to gut the kitchen and planned to put in new everything. Well, my mother needed a trip to Houston from Maine, my son needed college money and then my daughter needed college money. As a single parent they had no one else to turn to. I also discovered that I needed to toally redo the electrical including a new circuit breaker box. It is now 7 years later and finally all is done except for the cupboards, counters and finishing touches. It is a large kitchen and I am now sick and can not work. I would love to be able to cook holiday dinners on real appliances instead of makeshift electric appliances.

c on Aug 07, 2011:

I am needing help redoing my kitchen we were trying to do it but do to cancer and other medical stuff happening it was never done so it is in the middle of being taken out there is no floor and it is hard to live with. We had money saved but my tteth got so bad that we had to take the money and have my teeth fix do to the fact I was told it would kill me if I didn't fix them. My husband works so hard to make life good but it seems are road are always the hard road.

Phillip on Aug 04, 2011:

My father passed away April 28th 2010. I had to move out of my home that I spent most of my life at. I have some land and someone gave me a trailor, but it's in very BAD shape and I never knew it would cost so much to do what I need to do. I need a strong roof over my head. I would like to get a house built, not a big one.....just a 2 bedroom house that has a real fireplace. Please pick me, cause I need walls around me and a roof over my head, plus a septic tank. Thank you

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