DIY this: Sofa hanger

DIY this: Sofa hanger
I hate linking to the same blog twice in two days, but I had to, yo. This sofa hanger is so cool, and a perfect solution for people who don't have the space for actual end tables. But what is SO awesome about it is how simple this would be to DIY. You wouldn't even need any major construction skills, just hammer, nails, saw, stain.


Casa Sugar says it would be more for people without kids or animals, but I think it actually woule be better for people with kids or animals- you could take the hangers on and off of the sofa as needed. Here's a link to the actual site with the sofa hangers- they have lots of pictures there so you can get a good idea of how easily DIYable this is.  


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Carolyn on Jun 13, 2016:

I cldnt get into the link.

Brandi on Feb 12, 2015:

The link doesn't work :-(

Anonymous on Aug 28, 2014:

The link does not work...can you give me the correct one please? Thanx.

Anonymous on Dec 05, 2011:

I have been looking for something like this for ages!!! THANK YOU FOR THE LINK!!!

badbadivy on Aug 03, 2007:

LOL Nimue, perhaps older kids, then- I hadn't thought of them taking it off and hitting each other with it. My 3 year old would so totally do that, haha.

bruno on Aug 03, 2007:


Nimue on Aug 03, 2007:

I like it!  But no, it's not safe for kids.  At least not for mine.  Mine would take it off and brain each other.

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