Flush your toilet with your sink water!

Flush your toilet with your sink water!

Gray water is another term for the used water that goes down our sinks, tubs and shower drains. Black water is another term for the water ‘and stuff’ that goes down our toilets. Now, with the Aqus Toilet System, available through Vivavi, we can accumulate the grey water from our bathroom sinks and use it to flush our toilets–thereby turning grey into black. According to the website, using the recycling system ‘can reduce water usage in a two-person home by approx. 5,000 gallons a year.’ They also note that this is a DIY project, taking as little as one to two hours to install. At $295, it’s not terribly expensive, and, of course, it will eventually pay for itself in water bill savings. Next, Aqus needs to come up with an easy DIY installation of a system that will siphon the grey water from all those other drains in the house.

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Caya123 on Jul 26, 2007:

That's a real good idea! We could use that, our well is rather shallow & that might help out a lot.

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