How to make a lamp out of old CDs.

This is one of the reasons why I LOVE Curbly! The other day I wrote up a top ten list about using old CD’s to make stuff. Meg over at The Consumerist picked up the post and one of their readers posted a link in THAT post to this how-to post which I’m now posting here. Okay, maybe that explanation was unnecessary and a bit confusing....but how absolutely cool is this DIY CD lamp??????

How to make a lamp out of old CDs.

Also check out Jim's C.D. Lamp #2 for an alternative.

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Markus on Oct 27, 2015:

I made two in 1998 for my bedroom.. sold them on etsy for 50$.. it's a cool lamp

Dawn Becker on Apr 15, 2013:

I found the instructions by clicking on the supplied link. Pretty cool!

Awesomeness on Jan 05, 2013:

Thats a really cool picture and it sounds like a neat and fun craft, but where in the world are the instructions? I only see the picture, an ad, and a story of how the dude got the "instructions" for the CD lamp. Its really disappointing and makes me trust this website a little less.

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