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How to Make Overalls

by on Jul 23, 2007

Hey guys,

It’s the middle of the summer, and for most of us, that means it’s time to get outside and do some yardwork. Here at ThreadBanger, we came up with a great way to make your own overalls to do some down and dirty gardening! We’re always looking for new, crafty DIY projects. So if you have any cool ideas, send them in! And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes!

What you need:

– Two pairs of jeans, a seam ripper, a sewing machine.

First, get out your two pairs of jeans. 


Pick the bigger pair. 

A pant is in the table.


Get out your seam ripper. 

An up close seam ripper sits on a pile of fabric


Use the seam ripper to rip open the bottom of each belt loop. 

A pair of hands holding a pair of light colored jeans.  

Woman removing pant belt loops with knife.


Now, take off the entire top part of the jeans. 

Light blue 'Lee' faded jeans.


Pair of hands take off the top part of white color jeans pant


Save this piece for later. 

Woman cut the top belt of the jean pant.


Now, rip the seams out of both sides of the jeans. 

A white pant was on the floor.


Person sewing pockets to a cloth.


A pair of jeans was taken to make into overalls to work in the farm.


With the next pair of jeans, using the length of the first pair as a guideline, cut the legs out of the front of the jeans.

A blue colour jeans is spreading in the brown colour floor.


Hacks to redesign old jeans.


A person beginning to cut a pair of blue jeans by the leg seam.


A person cutting a pair of jeans around the thigh area width-wise.


A pair of blue jeans with the front part of the leg cut off in a square.


Blue jeans pant leg part cutting pieces are placed separately on the floor.


Pin those pieces to each side of the first pair… 

A person is making a pair of jeans.


A woman holding blue colour jeans in her hand.


A man holding a piece of cloth which is made of denim.


Light colored blue jeans are on top of dark ones.


A person is holding a pant.


Then, sew it together. 

Woman sewing fabric with sewing machine.


Now take the second pair, and cut the remaining parts of the legs off. 

Woman cutting a pair of blue jeans on top of a wooden table using orange handle scissors.


A the backside of a pair of jeans that has been cut into shorts.


With the shorts you just made, cut down each side and down the middle, so that the front and back are two separate pieces.

Woman is cutting pant cloth with scissor.


''A person cuts a pant using sissors, to make overalls".


Hands using scissors to cut the crotch seam of a pair of denim bottoms turned inside-out.


Take the front piece and pin it to the back of the first pair.

some clothes is in the table.


Hands holding the crotch of a cut-off pair of denim bottoms above another paler denim bottom with a raw edge.


A person handling to cut pieces of blue jeans.


"Blue and white combination of jeans with sewing materials."


A light pair of jeans lays on top of a cut up pair of jeans.


Fold in the sides and pin. 

Hands holding overlapping denim bottoms, the top pair a lighter denim with a raw edge.


A person explaining how to make overalls.


 Now, take the butt piece and rip the crotch area up a little so it lays flat. 

Jeans pant is cut into short.


"Separated back pieces of jeans."


Woman opening jean pant cut piece with hand.


A person holding a jeans pant.



Then, pin it to the front part of the first pair.

Three pairs of jeans laying one pair on top of the other.



Again, fold in the sides and pin them into place.  

DIY craft ideas to your jeans .


A pair of jeans to make Overalls.



Now, sew along all the pin lines you just made.

A person stitching a piece of cloth with a white sewing machine.


Now, take one of those leftover leg pieces and cut an equal rectangle.  

Woman holding jean pant fabric with hand.


"Jeans leg cutted with scissor."


"  To manage and tailoring a  pant  in a usable manner "


Fold it in half… 

Cool ideas to reuse your jeans.


and cut down the crease. 

"A lady is cutting a material to make overalls"


"A lady is trying to make overalls"


Pin both strips to the opposite sides of the back of your overalls. 

A woman stitching black colour jeans with her ring weared hand.


Two pairs of blue jeans hemmed together to make overalls.


After you try them on, connect each strip to a separate belt loop in front by cutting each strip and tying it to the belt loops.

Hands guiding denim fabric as a sewing machine stitches the edge.


"Cutting a Jeans to make overalls"


"The person makes a overalls using is hands ".


" How to make a unused dress to modify and fit "


A person taking some denim jeans to re-purpose them into something new.


A woman weared ring in her hand holding grey jeans in her hand.


A man holding the grey jeans in his hand.


Dozens of jeans unused, don't worry here you go with dozens of ideas to redesign.


Now, take another leftover piece, cut two strips out of it, and gather the sides of the overalls.

A part of the jean was being cut to make the Overalls.


A pair of hands holding a strip of light-colored cloth by its ends alongside a matching piece of cloth.


Woman covering fabric edges with another fabric for sewing.


A woman working with a cut-off piece of fabric from a pair of blue jeans.


"A lady is trying to make overalls using a Jean"


Then, poke a hole through all the layers of the fabric on both sides, and thread a strip through.

A man is cutting a cloth.


A person tearing a strip of fabric away from a blue jean.


Woman tying jean pant with white flat fabric.


And you’re done!

A person wearing overall made of denim with big pockets.


Woman place hand gloves and tools in her pant pockets.


Man holding a power tool in his jeans belt with an orange handle on it.


A pair of old jeans can be reused to make a Overalls.


"Working in gardens"

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