Free Book Covers by Kate Spade.


Free Book Covers by Kate Spade.


School isn't quite in session yet (unless you're a sucker like me and have been taking classes all summer), but in expectation of all the Back-to-School awesomeness in a few weeks, have a look at these free downloadable book covers by Kate Spade. Go here, and click "downloads".

Spade's design's exhibit brilliant finds of old dust jackets from (mostly) the 1960's, so even if she isn't generally your cup of design tea, you can't argue with some choice cultural archaeology. Just print these joints out on an 11x17" piece of paper and learn it up!





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dexter hutchins on Mar 03, 2013:


DIY Maven on Jul 17, 2007:

Charming, nice of Kate to provide them...

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