How to take a Navy Shower

How to take a Navy Shower

According to Wikipedia, a standard 10 minute shower uses 60 gallons (230 liters) of water, whereas a Navy shower uses 3 gallons (11 liters) of water.

Although never in the Navy, I have had to take my share of Navy showers. Anyone who has spent time in the woods, in an RV or on a boat are most likely familiar with the concept. For the rest of you who haven’t experienced this ultimate water-conserving method of personal hygiene, here’s a helpful video complements of Al.



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Broke and Bitter on Jul 17, 2007:

I had to laugh when I read this... My 75 year old Grandfather fought in the Korean War and even after all those years, this is still how he showers. He uses a low-flo shower head with a built in on/off button to make things easier. :)

Caya123 on Jul 12, 2007:

Our house has a well.

stephee on Jul 12, 2007:

Cute video production and quite thought-provoking. We are going through a severe drought here (Alabama), and I thought I was doing a good thing taking showers instead of tub baths... I will do better! :)

@malleron: If you have to do it with cold water, you certainly get down to business a lot faster. But I bet I get a lot cleaner with the hot water! I lived without hot water for a few months once, and that forever made me appreciate hot water!

malleron on Jul 12, 2007:

This rocks!! Of course, this assumes that one is taking showers only to get clean or perhaps that one's water does not need to run for a while to attain one's preferred temp each time it's turned off. I know for myself, it's a lot easier to turn off the sink faucet when I'm brushing my teeth because neither my teeth nor my toothbrush cares what temp the water is. After taking 1 similar Navy style bath with cold (even at room temperature) bottled water during Hurricane Wilma, I actually avoided bathing for the 5 days my power was out. Omg, how spoiled am I?!?

DIY Maven on Jul 12, 2007:

you so funny....

Chris Gardner on Jul 12, 2007:

That shower isn't Navy, it's more like honeydew green...

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