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How to Turn Jeans into a Skirt.

by on Jun 29, 2007

Hey ThreadHeads!

Got a pair of old jeans lying around? Why not turn them into a new stylish skirt? It’s really simple, just follow the directions below.

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First, take out your old jeans, lay them out flat on the table and cut about 12 inches off the legs. If you want, you can make it shorter later.

Slim style faded jeans laid out on a wooden table.A person cutting the legs of jeans on a table with orange scissors.

Take out your seam ripper. If you don’t have a seam ripper, get one. They are cheap and will ROCK your DIY world!

A person explaining how to turn jeans into a skirt.

Turn the pants inside out and with the seam ripper, start ripping the seams at the crotch and go all the way down both of the inseams.

A person is explaining how to turn jeans into a skirt.Stitching of a pair of blue jeans being raised up by a person with their hand on a table.

"Altering the old jeans into Skirt"

Now, turn your pants right side and rip out other outer part of the inseams.

A beautiful hand is showing a jeans pant spreading in the floor."A Jeans pant is cut to make skirt"

When you are done it should look something like this.

Denim jeans that have been cut short and sewn to turn into a skirt.

Rip the front seam up to where the zipper begins and rip the back seam up to where your belt loops begin.

A woman pointing to the crotch area of a pair of blue jeans.An unused jeans waiting to turn into a new useful item at home.

Carefully, pin the front pieces together. By carefully i mean, make sure the front stays smooth and you get no bunching. I also flattened out the top, overlapping seam all the way to give it a more DIY feel.

Working on and altering a blue jeans.A person wearing a ring holds a seam on their jeans with their fingers.

Faded pair of blue jeans with the pant legs sewn together to make a skirt.

Then, turn your skirt inside out and pin the back pieces together. the most important part of the pinning is the very top where the seams meets the belt loop. Take your time to place the fabric together just right. When you pin, start from the top and work your way down to the bottom in a straight line. There will be excess fabric to cut off after you sew and try on skirt.

A person explaining that how to make a skirt from old jeans pant.Ringed fingers opening a zip in the jeans pant.

Man showing sewing stitches of fabric with hand.Person showing stiches on the fabric with dinger.

Sew a seam following your back pin line.

"Sewing a older jeans to Skirt"

Turn the skirt right side out and sew a seam following your front pin line.

A skirt made from an old jeans"A lady is stitching in a Sewing Machine"

And you are done!

DIY ideas jeans to skirt.A lady wearing jeans showing her back.

If you like how it fits, cut the excess fabric off the back seam you sewed. and If you want it shorter, now is the time to cut.

Also, it’s a blank canvas…add some cool stitching, patches, stencils, whatever!

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