DIY Chandelier Upgrade

"We all might dream of owning a Murano glass chandelier, but don't deprive yourself until that day arrives. This chandelier was a $10 yard-sale purchase and had a fairly ordinary bronze finish. With just a little spray paint, the chandelier was turned into a whimsical piece that fit seamlessly into a cheery kitchen. The body was painted sky blue and the bulb stems were painted gray, to give a bit of contrast. While this piece doesn't say luxe quite like Italian hand-blown glass, it's a perfectly beautiful stand-in that can happily make its way to another yard sale when you finally find (or can afford) the chandelier of your dreams."


DIY Chandelier Upgrade


Check out the complete instructions from Cookie magazine. 

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Jen on May 02, 2010:

Great job! I have a brass looking ugly chandelier, but the lights point down instead of up. There are clear ribbed glass "shades" for lack of a better term, pointing down and regualt ugly light bulbs. If anyone knows how I can update this ugly moster, I would be ever so grearful. I mentioned spraying the brass with a brushed nickle sort of color or even white (since the walls are chocolate with white chair rail) and using artist glass paint on those 'shade/half globe/ light bulb covers. My dad said the glass paint might blister from the heat of the bulb. Any ideas?



atrophie on Aug 02, 2007:

that looks great!  i saw the same thing done on HGTV:


i love the way it turned out 

DesigningMom on Jul 09, 2007:

Great chandy for ten bucks and a can of spray paint whether you've dreamed of Morano Glass or not.  Good job Chris!

Caya123 on Jun 29, 2007:

That's very, very clever. I wouldn't have thought of that! I love it!!

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