How to Turn a Tote Bag into File Tote

How to Turn a Tote Bag into File Tote

Portable file totes are a great way to store papers, but they’re generally very utilitarian. However, if you want a more attractive and inexpensive alternative, you might want to convert a straw handbag or basket into a personal file cabinet. The whole process took me about ten minutes and cost–no kidding–$2.50.


What you’ll need:

A straw tote or basket that will accommodate letter or legal-sized manila file folders (I found the perfect straw tote at Target for $2.50.)

Some heavy cardboard

A scissors

Manila file folders–letter or legal size (I had letter size folders on hand)

What you’ll do:

Cut a couple of pieces of card board to fit inside your tote/basket. Cut them on the strong side so they fit snugly inside the tote/basket.

Slide your cardboard dividers inside your tote.


Fill manilla folders accordingly and place inside your tote/basket between the cardboard dividers.

Find a convenient place to hang your cute and handy file tote. (Mine is hanging in my new craft room where it neatly holds decorative paper.)

[An alternative method to using cardboard dividers might be to wire hanging file folders to the inside sides of your tote–if it’s big enough. You could then slip your manila folders into the hangers.]

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baconthecat on Jul 22, 2007:

Fabulous! The inside fabric on the tote is really cute, too. I myself have a plain wire-mesh file holder, and the thing I did to dress up my files was too wrap my hanging file holders in cute wrapping paper. This way I feel cheery whenever I'm going through bills and old documents. Yay! Plus they just look so pretty!

sillygirl on Jun 18, 2007:

Awesome solution to an age-old problem! I'm definately going to use this, although mine might have to hang on something less nice, like a 3M hook since I can't mess with the walls.


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