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5 Minute, $5 DIY: Make a Copper Wrapped Vase

by on Nov 11, 2016

Hi, I’m Holly, and I’m obsessed with copper. Especially during fall when warm colors are everywhere, I long to fill my home with accents of copper decor, but I’ve found – it can get pricey very quickly. So, I learned very quickly that the best way to incorporate copper into my decor was to make it myself! This DIY copper wrapped vase is very simple with minimal skill or supplies but brings the warm, cozy feel of copper to any space when filled with fall colored flowers. When you need to wash the vase, simply slip off the copper coil. Here’s how to make it!

And it takes, literally, ten minutes and uses less than $10 in materials.    

DIY Copper Wrapped Vase Supplies



Use the pipe cutter to cut off the pipe at about 2 feet (actually size will vary based on the vase, so overestimate as needed)




Starting at the bottom of the vase, carefully wrap the pipe around the vase without applying too much pressure. If you place one hand inside of the vase to support it, it will help decrease the pressure on the glass.


Continue wrapping the copper pipe up the vase so that it forms a spiral.


Before reaching the very top, cut off any excess pipe and wrap the end around the vase.

DIY Copper Wrapped Vase

DIY Copper Wrapped Vase

Now the vase is ready to be filled! It should slide easily out of the copper spiral, making it easy to care for, and the copper adds a pop of metal to any space that will work for all seasons.

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