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Make It: Mid Century Modern Tinsel Wreath

by on Nov 2, 2016

Photo: Craft + Tell

Heather’s DIY MCM tinsel wreath is so legit, it looks like it came from a box circa 1959. Although we can buy unadorned tinsel wreaths nowadays and tart them up ourselves, Heather used rope tinsel and a Styrofoam wreath to make hers. I particularly like this idea because the rope tinsel makes for a very full, plushy wreath compared to some of the rather anemic store-bought variety. The addition of bottle brush evergreen trees and some vintage-looking ornaments for garnish bring everything home–to 1959. Oooo….shiny!

Tinsel Wreath complete
Photo: Craft + Tell


To see how Heather put everything together, please visit Craft + Tell. 

Mid Century Inspired Wreath [Craft + Tell]

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