Gift Guide: How to Assemble Your Own Creative Gift Kits

DIY Gift Giving Kits

Gift giving can be difficult. It's hard to know what someone wants or even what someone already has. But one thing's for sure... if you're buying for a DIY-loving friend, they're probably interested in trying a new craft. So today we're sharing a different kind of gift guide - one that will help you assemble kit-style gifts for ten of our favorite crafty hobbies.    


DIY Gift Kit - Learn to Weave

1. Learn To Weave Kit - Woven art is hot on the web these days, and so easy to learn. If you know someone who is interested in trying weaving, package up these items and they will be well on their way to mastering a new hobby.


DIY GIFT KITS: Paper Flower Making

2. Beginner Paper Flower Kit
- Paper flowers are a beautiful - and permanent - alternative to the real thing, and there are so many different ways to create them. Here's what you'll need for your kit:


DIY GIFT KITS: Candle Making

3. Make Your Own Mason Jar Candle Kit
- Candle making is an addictive craft that has so many wonderful variations... give them the materials for a basic soy candle in a mason jar to get started:



4. Beginner Sewing Kit - Sewing is a great skill to have, for so many different reasons - you can create your own curtains, pillow covers and other home decor pieces, and you can also alter and fix your own clothing. Here's what you'll need:


DIY Watercolor Gift Kit

5. Intro To Watercolor Kit - Watercolor has become en vogue yet again, and it has so many applications. Create a watercolor painting in and of itself, or use it as a background for invitations, text based wall art, etc. Here's what you'll need for your kit:



DIY GIFT KITS: Gold Leafing Kit

6. Get Started Gold Leafing - Gold leafing is a cool way to transform an existing item into something metallic and glamorous. And it's much easier to do than it sounds! Grab these items to assemble your kit:



7. Beginner Knitting Kit - Knitting is a handy, classic craft which can be used to make both functional and decorative items.... learn the basics with these supplies:


DIY Drawing Kit

8. Drawing Kit - Drawing isn't just for art students - encourage a friend who loves coloring books to consider learning to draw by setting them up with all the right materials. Here's what they'll need to get started:




9. String Art Kit
- String art is a fun craft to get into, with endless projects and designs that you can create. It is a great way to make personalized art for your home. Here's what you'll need:



DIY GIFT KITS: Woodburning

10. Woodburning Kit - Woodburning allows you to customize wooden objects with your own designs, creating unique accessories for your home. Get started with these materials:



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