How To: Make a Glorious Woven Pendant Shade with Embroidery Floss!

woven pendant shade
Photo: Fabrica de Imaginacion

I cannot tell you how much I am crushing on this woven pendant lampshade. Although, to be clear, it's actually TWO lampshades. Their shapes aren't identical, but their lower circumference is. And that's the important thing, because that's where  they're joined!

woven pendant lamp supplies
Photo: Fabrica de Imaginacion


As for the weaving part, Koral used DMC embroidery and ecru cotton thread, which is explained over at Fabrica de Imaginacion. The original tutorial is in Spanish, so you'll have to do the 'translate' deal, but the accompanying photographs are done so well, you probably won't even need it. 

woven pendant lamp closeup
Photo: Fabrica de Imaginacion


Woven DIY Lamp [Fabrica de Imaginacion]

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Lena Teresa Stefanie Kohl on Jul 05, 2019:


Thank you very much for this tutorial- it looks amazing! Could you tell me where you bought the metal frames? Thank you :)

Lucy on Feb 25, 2018:

Wow thanks so much - I am SO looking forward to making this lampshade, how absolutely gorgeous!

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