Halloween Movie Night: What You Should Stream This Weekend To Get Into The Spooky Spirit

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Since cutting the ties with cable/satellite several years ago, we've become devotes of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. (Yes, all three.) It's gotten so bad good that on the rare occasions when we do watch something on regular TV, the hubs invariably offers an aggrieved huff having to suffer through commercials. Although, considering  what we might watch this weekend to get into the spooky spirit is right up my stream, movie picks are very subjective. Keeping that in mind, I've assembled a list of my favorites as well as a list of spooky movies on my to-watch list. (As of this writing, all are available to stream. On various streaming services, which are listed with links.) For a flourishing finish, I'm including a roundup of roundups so all bases and tastes will be covered. Enjoy, and start popping popcorn.

Goosebumps Movie
Image: IMDb

First, a few scary movies for the entire family:

An American in London Movie Poster
Image: IMDb

A few scary movies to watch while cuddling with your boo:

Dale and Tucker vs Evil movie poster
Image: IMDb

A few funny/scary ones (my personal favorite sub-genre of horror movies):

The House on Haunted Hill Movie Poster
Image: IMDb

A few classics to cleanse the palate:

The Mist movie poster
Image: IMDb

Creepy and cerebral:

  • The Mist (Amazon Prime, 2007, R) If you're a fan of "The Walking Dead", you'll feel right at home in The Mist.
  • The Babaook (Netflix, 2014, NR)
Rosemary's Baby movie poster
Image: IMDb

Straight up horror:

  • Hellraiser (Netflix and Hulu, 1987, R)
  • Rosemary's Baby (Amazon Prime, 1968, R) A must-see if you haven't already or if you haven't watched in recently. [Okay, seriously, when I re-sized the movie poster above to include in this post, I reset the horizontal to our standard 450 and the vertical automatically sized to 666!! Coincidence?? ;)] 
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night movie poster
Image: IMDb

My personal to-watch list: 

People watching a scary movie
Photo: The Odyssey Online

Now a roundup of other people's roundups of movies now streaming:

Scary movie compilation
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