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Upholstery Newbies: Here is a Roundup of Projects You Could Try This Weekend

by on Oct 18, 2016

Upgrading thrifted or inexpensive furniture is one way you can accomplish a cute home on a budget, and also make your home unique. Reupholstering furniture can seem daunting, especially if you don’t have many tools. These 12 upholstery projects don’t need fancy upholstery tools, and are perfect for any upholstery beginner.   

1. Upholster a chair seat.

Upholstering a chair is the most simple upholstery project. The only tools you need are a hand held staple gun and a screwdriver.  This chair’s transformation is pretty remarkable, check it out here.

2. Upholster a stool.

Bar stools are also an easy upholstery job producing big results.

3. Sew or “no-sew” a custom bed skirt

This simple DIY pleated bed skirt requires minimal sewing skills. If you can sew a straight line then you can do this project. Honestly I think you could do it with iron-on seaming as well. If you love the upholstered bed look purchase an inexpensive upholstered headboard like this one and then find matching fabric to make the above bedskirt.

This simple project can make metal bed rails look custom. Click here to get the tutorial.

4. Sew an easily removable bed skirt with fringe.

This project is adorable and really easy. Again, no upholstery tools required.

5. Sew a removable upholstery cover for your poster bed.

Need a little headboard change but don’t want to get rid of your bed? Why not sew a removable cover. Yeah, pretty genius. Check out how Diane from In My Own Style made her headboard cover. Its pretty remarkable how a simple sewing project can turn a two poster traditional bed into a modern one.

6. Turn a coffee table into an upholstered bench.

Snatch up that thrifted coffee table discounted for missing glass, grab your hand held staple gun, and make a stylish bench. Check out Jenny’s tutorial here. Jenny Komenda, in another tutorial, gives the best explanation on how she makes her corners perfect. Check that tip out here.

7. Upholster a vintage folding chair.

The above project was actually a kids chair. Check out the before pictures and DIY details over on Hometalk. Vintage folding chairs usually have an upholstered chair back and seat that is easily removable with a screw driver.

Simple Upholstery Projects For Beginners


Simple Upholstery Projects For Beginners


8. Cover a cushion with fabric.

If you have now sewing skills you now have a reason to buy that wooden or bamboo sofa with ugly upholstery. If you can pin and hand stitch a button, you can transform a cushion. Head over to Jezze Prints for what she calls the “lazy girl upholstery” tutorial.

9. Sew a simple box cushion.

This project requires a basic sewing skills but as a basic sewer myself, I must say this is the easiest cushion cover sewing tutorial I have ever seen. It doesn’t require sewing a zipper or piping cord. Check out the detailed instructions over on Centsational Girl.

10. Upholster a headboard.

This DIY project is simple whether you build your own or re-upholster an existing headboard. The most simple headboard projects are ones without tufting. Check out the instructions here.

11. Sew cushions for a wooden rocking chair.

Give a wooden rocking chair an upholstered look by sewing cushions in a similar way you would sew pillows. No upholstery tools required except for an upholstery needle. Click here for the instructions.

12. Upholster and footstool or ottoman.

With a little sewing and stapling you can have a new ottoman or footstool. Check out the DIY details for the mid century ottoman here.

Simple Upholstery Projects For Beginners
Pin It: Simple Upholstery Projects for Beginners


Want more furniture makeovers? Check out this Roundup of colorful chair makeovers with paint.

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