Before & After: Manny's Glam Living Room/Office Makeover


Manny's living room before
Image: Mr. Kate via YouTube

If you haven't seen Mr. Kate's home makeover videos, you're missing out. She and her partner Joey are not only charming, they're incredibly talented too. When they paired up with equally charming and talented makeup guru Manny MUA to turn his living room into a living room/office area, it was a given  the result would be amazing. The room before was jaw-dropping in scope, but it was empty.  This is what the living area looks like now after Kate and Joey's touch:

Manny's living room after
Image: Mr. Kate via YouTube

And, luckily, the room had an alcove (!) that was perfect for an office area. Check it out:

Manny's office area
Image: Mr. Kate via YouTube

You can watch the entire episode of Manny's room makeover, here:

To watch more of Mr. Kate's and Joey's videos, check out their YouTube channel. (Their makeover of makeup artist Patrick Starr's beauty room is amazing too.)

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