Roundup: 12 Fun And Super Easy DIY Projects Using Leather

Roundup: 10 DIY Super Easy DIY Leather Projects

Do you love leather (or faux leather) accents in a home? If so, here are 12 super easy DIY projects using leather that anyone can do.    

1. These leather and cork "catch-alls" are cute and functional. All you need is leather scraps, cork mats, glue, and upholstery tacks. Check out the tutorial here.

2. This dishcloth holder is so simple. I wonder if it could be done with old belts? 

3.  There is no DIY instructions for this idea but how easy would this be? The leather adds so much to the book shelf and all you would have to do is wrap it around the bottom and secure it with nails or upholstery tacks.

4. These leather straps and wood shelves are really unique. Find out how Rachel made them here. (scroll down to her comments for the instructions.)


5. These leather pulls look easy and very inexpensive to make.

6. Add leather straps to wood and you have a stylish tray. Click here for the project details.

7.  From leather scraps to cord storage? Yes please. Find out how to make these here.

8. This office organizer is simple, super easy to make, and stylish. Check how to make this leather organizer here.

9. This towel holder is really a creative storage idea. Check out the tutorial here.

10. Sew a pillow from a leather scrap. Mandi deconstructed a cheap Craigslist sofa and got lots of leather DIYs out of the deal. Find out the instructions for the pillow over on Vintage Revivals.

11. So the actual bench tutorial might need some tools, but you could do this project with a thrifted bench. Pop the cushion off the thrift store bench, and follow the instructions over on Design Sponge.

12. Don't have much leather? How about striping a pillow with it? Click here for the instructions.

Roundup: 10 DIY Super Easy DIY Leather Projects
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