A Simple DIY Record Console And A Peek Inside Our New Studio

A Simple DIY Record Console And A Peek Inside Our New Studio

For the last two months we've been running non-stop on the design treadmill trying to get our new studio ready for its debut. We've replaced floors, demolished walls, painted, and done a handful of unconventional cosmetic fixes in order to get the space in 'blank slate' order. From there, came a two-week self-imposed game of "which design road should we take today", as we've slowly cobbled things together. The good news is that we're getting there -- inch by inch, row by row, we're nearly ready to share the new space with you. 

In the meantime, we've been doing a series of smaller DIY-type projects and hacks to give some basic pieces a little more kapow! We needed a record stand for an old (broken) record player Bruno found at a garage sale and has been tinkering with all summer long. We were inspired by this IKEA hack from The Surznick Common Room.

Using an IKEA KALLAX shelving unit, and a set of Pretty Pegs legs, we created a record stand that's made up of simple lines and a little mid-century character. Here's what you need to complete this very simple project...


To attach the Pretty Pegs to your KALLAX shelf, simply drill the universal mounting plate onto the KALLAX, and attach your legs. It will take you less than 15 minutes and you'll feel like you accomplished something big and important!

Since our very vintage record player came with a set of large removable speakers, we simply wedged them into two of the KALLAX shelves, and then styled the remaining shelves with plants and accessories we had on hand, filling in with our very modest record collection. Though our collection is wee, we do have this WHITNEY HOUSTON record that makes me feel like the Queen of Sheba.

Here's a closer look at what we've got going on in this pocket of the space:


We'll be back in the coming month with the rest of the space! In the meantime, take a look at our old studio -- a place we loved dearly.


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