Eye Candy: 20 Cozy and Inspiring Scandinavian Kitchens

The goal of a Scandinavian interior is to achieve maximum style with a minimalist approach. Style, form, function, and simplicity are top priorities in these interiors yet they can still feel extremely cozy. If you have a love for Scandinavian design you will love this roundup of stylish Scandinavian kitchens.   

 1.  Natural elements are part of Scandinavian design. The above kitchen breaks up the minimalist white backdrop with warm wood tones.


2.  Scandinavian design does not mean void of color. These blue kitchen cabinets are colorful... but in a "no fuss," neutral kind of way.


3. Shiplap walls with darker grooves is a simple way to bring detail to this all white kitchen. 


4.  The neutrals of this black and white kitchen provide a great canvas for colorful kitchen items and decor.


5. The backsplash that becomes a shelf is functional yet really stylish. Did you notice the range hood is integrated with the shelf? Genius.


6. The white tile and paneling paired together bring interesting texture to the kitchen. It gives the space a cozy feel.


Roundup: 20 Cozy Scandinavian Kitchens

7. This kitchen is simple yet very interesting. Although, I do wonder how they reach those top cabinets.


8.  This kitchen is clean and just seems easy to use. I love the concrete floors.


9. Some of my favorite Scandinavian kitchens use the same material in a backsplash as the countertop. This makes the kitchen super functional but simple.


10. If you want to add a Scandinavian feel to your kitchen maybe consider a painted white wood floor.


11. Inexpensive square tiles, arranged in a brick pattern, could easily recreate the wall in this kitchen.


12. Open shelving and usable countertop storage make this kitchen seen fun to use. See more of this amazing kitchen here.


13. I am loving the tiled walls, the grey cabinets, and the leather pulls. The white-washed floors are swoon worthy as well. Did you notice the walls are not tiled all the way to the top? Instead of making small at the top of the wall, the designers allowed the wall tile be all full tiles creating a very clean and symmetrical look.


14. I love how this kitchen only has one upper cabinet. The tiled wall is so bright and makes the kitchen look large.


15. This backsplash...wow. Need I say more?


Roundup: 20 Cozy Scandinavian Kitchens

16. There is no way a kitchen with a wood burning fireplace can't be cozy. I love the modern finishes and the way they contrast with the vintage looking fireplace.


17. This kitchen has a great mix of natural elements, function, and simplicity. I love that the upper cabinets don't match the lower and how the tiles are different sizes. Both of these design decisions are simple ways to bring visual interest to an all white kitchen.


18.  The white painted brick brings a little "old world" texture and coziness to this very white kitchen.


19. In my opinion, Scandinavian designs embrace quirks in a room stylishly and with simple solutions. An open water valve could be an eye sore, but this kitchen makes it part of the design and function of the room. It makes me want an exposed water valve in my kitchen!


Roundup: 20 Cozy Scandinavian Kitchens
Three Linden Trees

20.  Seriously, who wouldn't want to cook in this kitchen? 


Roundup: 20 Cozy Scandinavian Kitchens
Pin It: 20 Cozy & Inspiring Scandinavian Kitchens
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