Kid-Friendly DIY Project: Back to School Pencil Cases

DIY back to school pencil case

Our oldest daughter begins school after Labor Day, and at the moment there is much anticipation buzzing around our house because their teacher and class placements will be mailed in the coming weeks.

This year, our girl wanted to come up with a gift she could share with her friends to celebrate the start of school. After a walk through the 'Back to School' section of Target, we came up with a simple DIY pencil case embellishment that she's excited to share with her friends. Read on to find out what we did!


We found some basic, plastic pencil cases for $0.79! Using stickers decorated with permanent markers, we personalized each case with the names of her friends.

We then created colorful pencils by covering our favorite Ticonderoga pencils (as a former teacher, I can assure you these are the very best pencils ever) with Washi tape. Both projects were easy to complete on a lazy Sunday afternoon.



  • Plastic pencil boxes
  • White alphabet stickers (get them here)
  • Permanent markers




  • Pencils - these are our favorite.
  • Washi tape - we used a variety of prints and patterns.
  • Scissors or Xacto knife to cut around the eraser end.

Once the pencils were complete, we placed them in the pencil boxes with some other back to school goodies. Happy Back to School!


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