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Inspiration: Transforming an Outdoor Space with Free-Standing DIY Curtain Rods

by on Jul 25, 2016


Photo: Room for Improvements

Sniffing around for interesting makeovers this morning, I stumbled upon a video from a place called Room for Improvements. In it, the presenter explains how to transform an outdoor space into a secluded oasis using free-standing curtain rods. Honestly, I’d never heard of free-standing curtain rods for outdoor use before. Although, I do have a smaller, 5″ wide one that I use for backdrops that I made out of PVC. (Do you see where I’m going here?)

free-standing outdoor curtains
Photo: Room for Improvements


Yes, free-standing rods for outdoor use would be totally DIY-able, and would be a fraction of the cost of the one used in the video which clocks in at $100 to $170. If we’re worried about the DIY PVC curtain rods being tippy, (I am), we could easily pin it down with yard stakes or staples (perhaps drilling holes in the feet of the curtain rod side poles to keep them secure) while the curtain is in use. (For a more hefty, albeit more expensive, DIY version galvanized pipe might be a way to go.) Otherwise, the assembly would be easily broken down when not in use, for safety’s sake. To see the entire video I mentioned above, visit Room for Improvements. 

Video: 5 Ways to Transform a Dull Deck-and Gain Some Privacy! (Room for Improvements)


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