8 Modern Outdoor Living Spaces That Will Make You Never Want to Go Inside

Round-Up: 8 Modern Outdoor Living Spaces

Each year, we see the piles of endless outdoor decor stock up in our favorite shops. It can be very overwhelming when these pieces are simply set on shelves showing no personality or potential. A great way to get started is doing a little research before you go in the hunt and decide what style and look you might be wanting to achieve for your outdoor living space this year. Here are 8 modern outdoor living spaces that will surely inspire and motivate you to get out there and enjoy your holidays all the more! 

1. Modern + Scandivian 

Create a modern and scandinavian inspired space by bringing in plenty of lighting, lots of black accents and wood for texture! Stick to simple decor, like potted plants for a fresh touch to the overall space. [Photo: Home Design Etc.]

Round-Up: 8 Modern Outdoor Living Spaces

Photo: Home Design Etc.

2. Modern + Minimal

If you are looking for clutter-free and contemporary touches, this look is for you. A modern porch swing, a side table and perhaps a couple neutral pillows and throws is all you'll need to accomplish this look. Sometimes less is more! [Photo: Lonny]

Round-Up: 8 Modern Outdoor Living Spaces

Photo: Lonny

3. Modern + Colorful

If you are a color-lover, then don't hold back. Use your favorite hues as accents, as to not overwhelm your space. Maybe a couple side tables, pillows or a chair. Your space will definintely have that Palm Springs vibe in no time! [Photo: Elle]

Round-Up: 8 Modern Outdoor Living Spaces

Photo: Elle

4. Modern + Industrial

You can play with a lot of textures by bringing in different elements into your space like metal and wood accents. Concrete is a great way to give the space a nice modern, but masculine touch. You can easily soften the industrial look with feminine candle holders and big knitted throws in neutral colors. [Photo: Style Estate]

Round-Up: 8 Modern Outdoor Living Spaces

Photo: Style Estate

5. Modern + Boho

To achieve that boho look, think lots of fun patterns, textures and quirky flare! Copper table tops, ornate lighting, textured pillows and rugs and worldly decor from your travels will definitely start you on the right foot. Flowy and sheer cutains will certainly make things feel as though you are on an exotic island somewhere...sigh. [Photo: Loombrand]

Round-Up: 8 Modern Outdoor Living Spaces

Photo: Loombrand

6. Modern + Beachy

If you are lucky enough to live on the beach or near one, you are envied. But if you aren't you can at least pretend by decorating your outdoor space with those coveted beach-vibes. Stick to furniture pieces that have clean lines and neutral tones (like the sand!). You can easily incorporate pops of color that have sea-glass tones to finish the look. [Photo: One Kindesign]

Round-Up: 8 Modern Outdoor Living Spaces

Photo: One Kindesign

7. Modern + Kid-Friendly

Just because you have little ones doesn't mean you have to throw out the idea of achieving a modern look for your outdoor spaces. You can easily DIY or purchase a fun and sleek playing structure for the kids and incorporate furniture that is both durable and comfy. Clean greys combined with one or two colors will help the space feel minimal, even when all the toys are amok! [Photo: 100 Layer Cake-let]

Round-Up: 8 Modern Outdoor Living Spaces

Photo: 100 Layer Cake-let

8. Modern, Dark + Moody

Maybe, just maybe, you don't like things to be bright and colorful all the time. And that's ok! Dark and moody can also translate as intimate and romantic. Stick to cooler tones, darker accents and dramatic lighting that will certainly set the mood. If an open fire is an option or low hanging pendant lights - fantastic! If not, lots of candles of all shapes and sizes will work just right. [Photo: Oliver Yaphe]

Round-Up: 8 Modern Outdoor Living Spaces

Photo: Oliver Yaphe


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