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Roundup: 10 MORE, Even Smaller Space Container Garden Ideas

by on Jun 3, 2016

We love small space container gardening in the Curbly neighborhood. Whether they’re full of flowers, herbs, or vegetables, we don’t care. Just so long as they’re clever, good looking, practical and DIYable, which all of these ideas are. 

farm table turned raised lettuce bed
Photo: Savvy Gardening


If you love raised beds and have just a wee bit of hand tool skills, this old farm table converted into a lettuce garden is about the slickest gardening upcycle ever. Find more details at Savvy Gardening.

purchased stair risers as raised garden
Photo: Outdoor Areas

A raised stepped garden made out of stair risers and window boxes is a bit of genius as well. 

leaning vertical herb garden
Photo: DIY Vintage Chic

This vertical garden idea is an orphaned image that I found here, but recreating it shouldn’t be difficult. Just a piece of lumber with holes cut into it….cool. 

swinging hanging garden
Photo: Upcycle Art

A unique take on the hanging pot is this…well, let’s call it a flower pot swing garden. Lumber (perhaps from a pallet?), holes, pots, rope, done.

IKEA hack herb garden
Photo: IKEA Hackers

This vertical number was actually an IKEA hack using 5 Bjurön plant pots and 2 boards. Read the deets over at IKEA Hackers.  

clay pot vertical garden
Photo: The Horticult

We’ve profiled this idea before, but it’s too fabulous not to mention again. Visit the Horticult to see how to make them. 

diy vertical herb garden, on a stick
Photo: Our Cozy Cubbyhole

We’ve also seen this idea before too, but Erika’s take on the herb-garden-on-a-stick is much more delicate-looking which adds to its whimsy. Click here to see how she made it. 

chandelier turned hanging planter
Photo: DIY Show-Off

Roeshel gooses the whimsy angle even higher with her chandelier planter. Delightful, no?? Yes, and you know it. Here’s a link to the tutorial. 

utensil caddy herb garden

This idea from the Unsophisticook couldn’t be easier. It’s a galvanized utensil caddy turned planter. The handy handle means it’s portable, which in itself is pretty great. Move inside to harvest, move to a sunnier location…you get the idea. One of these caddies was used for the project, but this one would be cool tool

double-sink/laundry tub as raised garden
Photo: Unsophisticook

And, finally, Jen’s great upcycle idea using an old, double-sided washtub (a salvaged double, or even single, laundry sink could work too). I’m taken with how, even though it’s a vintage item, it looks totally fresh. 

10 MORE Small Space Container Garden Ideas Pinterest Image
Feel free to Pin and share these great small space container garden ideas!

For even more small container garden ideas, click here, here, here, and here. (Proof that we do indeed we love small space container gardening around the Curbly neighborhood.)

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