Shopping Guide: Cool Gifts For The Woodworking Mom

I thoroughly enjoy woodworking, and I know that I'm not alone. There are tons of women out there that enjoy the craft! Spoil your mother or the lady in your life with one (or all!) of these cool tools! 




cool woodworking tools for mom
Photo: Speedtac

1. The coolest pencil out there for marking cut lines! $7 from Speedtac


cool woodworking gifts for mom
Photo: Bosch Tools

2.  The Bosch JS120BN 12V MAX Barrel-Grip Jig Saw is sturdy and can do so much! $120 from Bosch


cool woodworking tools for mom
Photo: Home Depot

3. I actually have this Rockwell tabletop and LOVE it! We have a large tablesaw that is stationary in our shop, but this guy is transportable and has helped with tons of big projects! $100 from Home Depot

4. Everyone needs a good orbital sander. This option by Rockwell is sturdy, the vibration isn't out of control, and the dust collector stays put until you're ready to remove! An excellent and affordable option! $122 on Amazon

5. The Bondhus Hex-Pro pivot wrench set is a great little set to keep on hand. The pivotal heads make tightening easier when access is limited! $70 on Amazon

6. Everyone needs a good level. This aluminum option is tough and can survive a fall from the top of a ladder (trust me!). $35 on Amazon

cool woodworking tools for mom
Photo: Silky Saws

7. Silky Saws are popular hand saws with strong blades. They work on the pull instead of the push allowing for a sturdy and straighter cut. This pocketboy version is a great one for mom! $25 on Amazon

8. You should obviously have several chisels in different sizes, but a one inch chisel is a good addition to a toolbox. $10 on Amazon

9. Put it all in a stylish bag! This bag is totally gender-neutral and has a tough leather bottom keeping the bag's shape! $60 on Amazon

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