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How To: Give an Old Wooden Bowl a Gold Leaf Makeover

by on May 11, 2016


Photo: Delineate Your Dwelling

I don’t know about your favorite thrift store, buy mine is LOADED with wooden bowls and canisters and stuff. Honestly, I don’t spend much time in that aisle. After seeing Amy’s wooden bowl makeover I just might be making a beeline for that particular aisle on my next visit. Some inexpensive gold leaf, glue, Martha’s patterning tape, and a soft-bristle brush is all you need. And, not surprising, I happen to have all of that on hand. Now it’s just a matter of finding a wooden bowl. (Off to Goodwill.) For the entire tutorial, make your own beeline to Delineate Your Dwelling. 

gold leaf wood bowl complete
Photo: Delineate Your Dwelling



P.S. My experience with gold leaf would prompt me to either use the bowl as an art object and not to put anything in it. If I did want to use the bowl as intended, I’d spray it with a good sealer. Also, I would use the modified bowl to hold non-food items only. But that’s me….

Striped Gold Foil Wooden Bowl [Delineate Your Dwelling]

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