Roundup: My Top 5 All-Time Favorite Designers

My top 5 favourite inspiring designers - Leah Bartholomew
Photo: Leah Bartholomew

There was a time in my life where if you'd asked me who my favourite artist or designer was, I wouldn't have been able to name a single one. Which is so odd, because nowadays I have a list of favourites as long as my arm whose styles influence me in so many ways, from how I craft, to the way I decorate for parties to how I envisage my dream home will look.

Regardless of whether your not you design or create art yourself, having a list of people whose aesthetics you admire can really help to inspire you at times when you find yourself in a creative rut. Read on to see some of my favourites! 



My top 5 favourite inspiring designers - Spenceroni
Photo: Spencer Harrison (Spenceroni)

1. Spenceroni

From the first day I discovered Spencer Harrison, I was instantly smitten with his work. His creations are a riot of colours, patterns and shapes all jumbled together and the end result is art and homewares that are so upbeat, cheerful and crazy creative that they make me want to get up and dance (no joke!).

Just having a print or two of his on your walls would instantly brighten up a plain room and that's exactly how I intend to spend my pretty pennies in the near future - to decorate my living area with some of his work!


My top 5 favourite inspiring designers - Laura Blythman
Photo: Laura Blythman

2. Laura Blythman

I first found out about Laura and her amazingly beautiful designs through Instagram, and I was hooked even before I hit the 'follow' button. A designer and illustrator who creates vibrant, patterned-filled, colourful works, she is, in my mind, the queen of collage and all things fun. Her art inspires my colour choices daily and I can't wait to get a one or two of her limited edition prints in my studio.


My top 5 favourite inspiring designers - Leah Bartholomew
Photo: Leah Bartholomew

3. Leah Bartholomew

I only discovered Leah Bartholomew's gorgeous works recently, and boy am I glad I stumbled across her site! Her wonderful use of colour and clean, bold shapes in both her abstract paintings and homewares really inspires me; it's a talent I'd love to weave into more of my own designs in the future.


My top 5 favourite inspiring designers - Anna Bond
Photo: Anna Bond

4. Anna Bond

I've been familiar with Anna Bond's work from when I used to design paper goods. She's the founder and owner of Rifle Paper Co, and back in my stationery days she was a huge source of inspiration for my own small business. Truth be told, things haven't changed - to this day I still find myself mesmerised by her beautiful intricate painted illustrations and fantastic use of dark, rich colours.


My top 5 favourite inspiring designers - Cassie Byrnes
Photo: Cassie Byrnes

5. Cassie Byrnes

Cassie Byrnes is another talent whose art I only recently discovered but was instantly hooked on. A pattern designer with a penchant for bold colours and abstract shapes, her works have been made into clothing, cushions and stationery for sale via her store Variety Hour Studio. I'll admit, as soon as I found this out, I wanted to buy all the items and cover myself and my house in patterns. I know this makes me sound slightly unhinged, but you could also just consider me a huge fan. ;)


Now I realise the works of my top designers largely centres around bold patterns and colours which might not appeal to everyone out there. But hopefully in sharing some of my favourites with you, you might find one or two that help fuel your own creativity. If you already have a list of go-to favourites, let me know - I'd love to hear who inspires you!


My top 5 favourite inspiring designers



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