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Roundup: 10 Big Impact Lighting Installations You Won’t Need an Electrician For

by on Mar 14, 2016

Source: Design Files; Photo Phu Tang

Do you have a place you would like to put a light fixture but there is no electrical box to install one? If installing a light fixture is not an option here are some creative solutions that might work for you.   

1. Need a dining room light? How about a large floor lamp suspended over your table?

10 Electrician Free Lighting Installations
Source: Elle Es

2. Give the plug in pendant a place to hang by installing a large branch to the wall.

3. No wall sconces?  Why not plug one in? 

4. Free up some bedside table space by using a plug-in pendant sconce.

10 Electrician Free Lighting Installations
Source: The Kitchn

5. No dining room table chandelier…string a strand or two of market lights across the room.

6. A swing arm wall sconce can serve as an overhead table fixture.

10 Electrician Free Lighting Installations
Source: Domino

7.  Hang a branch from the ceiling and wrap some market lights around it and you have a statement fixture without needing a junction box.

8. Take a page from your wedding planner and wrap an old light fixture in a strand of twinkle lights.

9. Don’t forget about the simple plug-in pendant/chandelier.

Something is hanging from a string attached to a wall.

10. Don’t hide the cord, display it. This pendant with a pretty cord could go over any space. Just attach the cleat to the wall and hang it over where you need. I am thinking this is the perfect solution if you don’t have an overhead kitchen sink light. This would also be easily DIYable with this Curbly post.

10 Electrician Free Lighting Installations
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I hope this post inspires you to think outside the box in your space. No…you don’t need an electrical box to put lighting right where you want it to go.

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