A Flippin' Awesome IKEA Kitchen Makeover


Flippin' Kitchen Before
Photo: Cre8tive Designs

Stephanie flips houses. She also remodels them. Take, for example, the kitchen pictured above. It could be described as a dark, cramped cubby-hole before. After "numerous trips to IKEA to get it right," it's now Stephanie's favorite kitchen makeover she's ever  done "by far." Check out what the kitchen looks like now:

Flippin' Kitchen After
Photo: Cre8tive Designs

And how about those gold fixtures?

Flippin' Kitchen Gold Faucet

For more information about the makeover, and to see more images, visit Cre8tive Designs.

The Kitchen Completed [Cre8tive Designs]


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sheryl on Apr 22, 2016:

are you people out of your tiny,feeble MINDS? 180 k for a REMODELED KITCHEN????????? I could buy one hell of a house AND remodel the kitchen,AND have money leftover,for THAT price! you need to learn how to handle money and spend more wisely.

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