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His and Her Nightstands: Styled Two Ways

by on Apr 6, 2016

A bedroom has a dark blue bed header and white blankets next to a small end table with a lamp on it.

It’s no secret that I love my bedroom. We went to great lengths to make it a special place, with vaulted ceilings, a statement-making headboard, and an eye-catching chandelier. Investing in big things certainly pays off, but to create a cohesive room, you need all the elements to go together, right down to the bedside tables. Your bedside space can make all the difference in a room. It’s a practical, necessary piece of furniture, that can be anything but ordinary. From vintage chairs to a stack of books, you can form and style them any way you please. And, that’s just the beginning. It’s how you dress up your nightstand that makes it really interesting.

Today, we partnered with Sauder to talk about how to style a bedside table. Whether you’re using an old stool or a tree stump, there are a few things to consider to make sure your nightstand is working the way you want it to.


"Glass table with hand statue,night lamp and flower pot."

We chose two different nightstands from Sauder’s collection. We liked these simple pieces, with their unobtrusive, clean lines. Both look classic and unassuming, fits the tone of our room, and also doesn’t put us in a corner when it comes to styling. Neither one is a traditional “nightstand”; instead, they’re side tables performing bedside duties perfectly.

Before we show you our styled nightstands, let’s run through the most important things to take into account when choosing a bedside table:

1. Height. It’s important that the height of the nightstand works with the height of your bed. A stand that’s too tall or too short won’t be functional, and it’ll look strange too. Ideally you’d like the bedside table to come up just above the height of the bed.

2. Size & Function. Do you need a large tabletop surface for a lamp, books, your phone, etc? Or are you tight on space, and better off with a smaller-profile stand? Remember, the width of the bed comes into play here, too. A wide, king bed, needs some reasonably wide, substantial tables next to it.

3. Storage. Do you need a small bedside chest of drawers to hold your books and magazines? Have a journaling habit? That’s great! But you’ll want a place to store all those memories, right?

4. Profile. Depending on the size and layout of your bedroom, you may need a hefty nightstand or require something much more delicate and sleek.

5. Number and Style. Do you want a pair of bedside tables flanking your bed? Or will one do the job? If you need a pair, should they be matchy-matchy or a more dynamic duo? Generally-speaking, I don’t love super-matchy nightstands; I’d rather see two that share a lineage, or have a unifying theme or color, but aren’t exactly the same (but that’s just me!)


Nightstand No. 

A bed has white spreading and a blue backing.

This night stand (remember, it’s actually a side table) comes from Sauder’s International Lux Collection. It has an ash wood finish and matte gold metal accents. It works perfectly as a nightstand because it’s the right height, provides a little bit of storage, has some stately character (Hello, gold accents and pull!), and feels sturdy and substantial without taking up much space. 

Brown color drawer with it's handle.

We styled this bedside table in a slightly masculine way. We added a task-style lamp with a movable neck, some books for bedtime reading, a candle for a little ambiance, and a tumbler for water. We like to keep things simple on the bedside table, because your bedroom should feel calm and clutter-free. 

A pair of glasses sits on an object near a paper with a blue ink pen.

Working table of an adult with minimalstic art.

Pillows stacked up on top of each other on the bottom of a small table.

Nightstand No. 

Bed side glass table with pink light lamp, potted plant, book and hand shaped idol.

For the second bedside table we chose something with a far more delicate profile. The Round Side Table from Sauder’s International Lux Collection is soft, with elegant lines that make it feel light. The metal frame and glass top add a bit of glam to the table, and it has a nice wide surface for bedside accoutrements. 

A clean, well decorated feminine nightstand.

We styled this table with a glammy table lamp, books, a vase of tulips, and a vintage brass ring holder (which serves as the perfect catch-all for jewelry). Again, we tried to keep things simple and beautiful. Going to bed and awaking to a bouquet of flowers and a tidy table is good for your soul. 

A lamp with a pink shade is sitting on a bedside table with books and trinkets.

A gold hand statue holds two bracelets.

If you’re looking for a non-traditional bedside table, check out some of our other favorites from Sauder’s ready-to-assemble furniture line:

1. The Tray Table: We love the pop of color and sleek lines. 
2. Soft Modern Collection Side Table: Cool lines and a nice surface area for bedside goods. 
3. Square 1 Collection Side Table: This is the perfect table for people who are tight on space. It has a very small footprint, but does the job. 
4. Inspired Accents Collection Side Table: The cube-like frame gives this table a cool modern feel.
5. Soft Modern Collection Round Side Table: This table is the brother of the glammier lux version we styled in our bedroom. If gold isn’t your color of choice, black can be!




This post is sponsored by Sauder, but all opinions are mine alone.


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