DIY Kitchen Makeover With a Twist

Megan's kitchen before
Photo: One Kings Lane

What I love about Megan's DIY kitchen makeover is it's totally unexpected. Let's face it, there's a lot of kitchen makeovers out there that, although they look fabulous after, they all kinda look alike. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing; they're popular for a reason. But as someone who searches for kitchen makeovers on the intertubes on a regular basis, something different is good. Now back to  Megan's kitchen. Before, it was in rough shape and suffered from a serious lack of personality. She and her husband removed the old soffit and drop ceiling--revealing the gorgeous, original tin ceiling. New cabinets, paint, sink, countertop and this is what Megan's kitchen looks like now:

Megan's kitchen after
Photo: One Kings Lane

The addition of a vintage piece on an adjoining wall carries over the warmth and adds significant storage space:

Megan's vintage buffet
Photo: One Kings Lane

For more information about and pictures of Megan's kitchen makeover, visit One Kings Lane.

An Outdated Kitchen Gets a Loving DIY Makeover [One Kings Lane]


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