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Cuteness Overload: Ikea Rocking Moose Hack

by on Feb 9, 2016

Photo: Ikea

I agree with Sarah, the genius behind this Ikea rocking moose (aka Ekorre $39.99) hack: it’s pretty cute as is. However, the red red coat just wasn’t working with Sarah’s decor. So…she decided to change its species and turn Ekorre into a rocking SHEEP. As you can imagine, changing species called for some cosmetic surgery. First came rhinoplasty, as said moose’s schnauz wasn’t right at all. A nip and tuck and he soon had a sheep’s nose.

Ekorre Moose Nose Job
Photo: Sara Sherman Samuel


Next came a deep exfoliation, some white makeup (paint), an application of collagen (foam) on sheepie’s back, some new threads (faux fur even though sheep usually go for the real thing), an ear transplant and a weave and voila, cuteness overload!

Ekorre Moose to Sheep Hack
Photo: Sarah Sherman Samuel


For the enter tutorial, visit Sarah’s website, Sarah Sherman Samuel. 

Ikea Hack Rocking Sheep DIY [Sarah Sherman Samuel]


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