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Roundup: 10 Simple Storage DIYs For Your Desk

by on Feb 2, 2016

Source: Sarah M Dorsey Designs

If you are in the mood to get your desk area a little organized, here is a roundup of some simple desktop storage DIYs out there.

1. Get your writing utensils in stylish order with this geometric pencil cup. It looks like resin or wood but its glued together foam board. Check out “how to” here.

RoundUp: DIY Desktop Storage
Source: Francois et Moi

2. Sometimes just knowing the day is all the organization you need. This office calendar using scrap wood, contact paper and paint is an easy afternoon project


Roundup DIY Desk Storage



Roundup: DIY Desk Organizer



3. This leather magazine rack made by Mandi at Vintage Revivals would a great place to store files that need to be accessible. [Photo: Left Vintage Revivals]

4. These jars give stylish storage for little things that tend to linger on your desk. [ Right Photo: The Office Stylist]

Roundup: DIY Desk Storage
Source: Just Destiny

5. These Container Store bins got a colorful upgrade using paper, modge podge, and sillouette stencils.


Roundup: DIY Desk Storage



Roundup: DIY Desk Storage


6. Need bookends? Go outside and get two rocks. Spray paint them and you are done. [Left Photo: DesignLoveFest]

7. Instead of buying storage for your cords…embrace their existence and make them fun. This cord is simply wrapped in washi tape. [Right Photo: DesignLoveFest]

8. These colorblocked magnetic accessories for your clips and pins are genius and so easy. Check out the tutorial here.

Roundup: Storage DIY Desk
Source: Mochithings via Brit+Co

9. This paper desk tray has a small footprint and can fit between your keyboard and moniter to hold things you need to reach for often. What is great about this DIY is you order the pre-cut paper kit and it comes with instructions on how to put it together.

10. Pegboard organizers will never lose their luster. It is a simple and great way to get much needed things off your desk. See how Laura over at accomplished this desk space.

roundup: DIY Desk Storage
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