Makeover: Large Blank Wall Becomes Stylish Storage for the Television

TV Storage Wall

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that you think is going to work perfectly and it just doesn't?  No worries, we have all been there. You are in good company. The homeowners of this living room bought an antique cabinet to hold their television. They had a sectional and their "small cabinet" thinking was the right thing. When they brought it home and put it against the empty wall it just looked smaller. Here is how we solved the problem of making the cabinet and empty wall work for their living room.  

TV Storage WAll

 This living room is a smaller living room space. The home owner wanted to display family pictures and things but there was no room for another bulky piece of furniture. This size of cabinet was actually  not the problem. We had to fix the problems around it.  The first fix was to hang the tv. If you t.v is a little bigger than your tv cabinet, hanging it will help. To fix the "big wall vs small cabinet issue", we decided to give the wall some serious purpose. We did this by building shelves all around the tv.  We wanted the look of built-ins without the large foot print of a grouping of bookcases.

TV Storage Wall

I think the cabinet actually was meant to fit. You know immediately in a space when something just doesn't fit. When I came over to help I never felt this. Always test before you commit to a big project. We figured out shelf position with painters tape and immediately we knew we had the solution.

TV Storage Wall

Hanging the shelves with about 25 inches of space between helps the wall to feel less cluttered.  I also opted for similar color frames and black and white photos. If there were too many colors/elements going on here it could feel busy in the small space.

Blank TV Wall

One of my favorite part of working with people in their rooms is seeing them find and showcase what they love. What is great about shelves or bookcases is what you showcase can always be fluid.

TV Wall Storage

Another way to make the small furniture look purposeful is to hang the tv above it and surround it with a gallery wall of different sizes of larger frames.

Don't be discouraged when you bring something home and it wasn't what you expected. First step back and find out what other factors are contributing to why it doesn't fit. When you do this you will have a good chance to finding a solution.  Doing this could also help you know if the furniture is not going to work.  On another note, wall space is actual real estate in your home so I hope this inspires you to get out there and use it!  Check out this family's fireplace transformation in this post here.


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