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Roundup: 10 Creative DIYs To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

by on Jan 5, 2016

Please don’t open my kitchen cabinets when you come over to my house. With all the cooking that happens in the Holiday season I was constantly reminded how my cabinets need an overhaul. Here are some of the DIY kitchen cabinet organizers that I have been thinking about trying in my kitchen.   

Tabletop space saving kitchen gadget.
Source: Real Simple

1.  This is simply an office file used to store cutting boards and pans. I think this could even look good on open shelves.

White kitchen cabinets organized to fit bowls and glasses of various dimensions.
Source: Real Simple via The Kitchn

2. Wire shelves are not a new idea but I always love to see examples of how people use them. I personally like to screw them into the cabinet so they don’t move around.

kitchen storage items arranged neatly in the rack
Source: HGTV; Photo: Brian Patrick Flynn

3. Under cabinet baskets allow you to make the most of your space. Again, nothing new but such an easy fix that anyone can do.

A kitchen drawer filled with small bottles of spices.
Source: The Kitchn

4. If you have an extra drawer this is a great solution for your spices. You can often get these type of containers in bulk at a restaurant supply stores for great prices.

"Organized kitchen appliances with measurement cups and bowl."
Source: Two Twenty One

5. Organize your cabinets how you use them. Chelsea from Two Twenty One placed all her needs for baking in one upper cabinet. The use of hooks and key rings is a creative way to use wall space.

Kitchen cabinet along with organized items.
Source: Woo Home

6. I am not sure why I don’t have these stackable wire shelves in my kitchen already. These really are great for the kitchen with very little space. With this storage, you don’t have to pull out two pans to get one.

7. Using a drying rack to organize lids is a really great idea.

Kitchen cabinet with full of cups.
Source: via buzzfeed

8. Another way to organize your cabinets is just simply by getting stuff out of them. I love how the “ugly mug” becomes stylish by simply making it a collection.

Plates, glasses, straws, kettle and cups in a kitchen rack.
Source: Martha Stewart

9. Using a simply tray can help create some stacking storage. I don’t think I will use this for my everyday glasses just because you have to take them all down to get one of the bottom ones out. BUT…this is great for your formal glassware. I use mine maybe twice a year and it just eats up valuable space. This is an easy solution I might do today!

Kitchen cabinets with slots for plates and others for bowls of different sizes built into the side of wall.
Source: Martha Stewart

10. Leave it to Martha to create another ingenious solution. This one has been around awhile, but its a good one. Tension rods = storage…thank you Martha.

Do you have any kitchen cabinet storage ideas that need to be shared? Please do tell. Want more ideas? Check out this Curbly post.

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  1. I use 2, 3, and 6 of the above ideas in our home. I have some of my own kitchen organizing ideas, but I see no way to add photos anymore.