Roundup: 10 Clever Paper Straw DIYs

Roundup: 10 Clever Paper Straw DIYs
Photo: Remodelista

Paper straws suddenly became popular a while back (kind of like washi tape), and now I grab a box of them whenever I see them. Which means that now I suddenly have a lifetime supply of them. And I'm guessing some of you are in the same boat. Bur there are other, alternative ways to use them, aside from drinking through them... here are ten super clever DIY projects using paper straws.   


Roundup: 10 Clever Paper Straw DIYs

1. Speaking of washi tape, here's a great way to combine it with straws to make a beautiful necklace. Get the tutorial here. [Photo: The Folding Chair]

2. Paper straws can also be used to create a fun geometric bunting - find out how here. [Photo: Oleander + Palm]

Roundup: 10 Clever Paper Straw DIYs

3. Dress up a wrapped gift with a fun paper straw star using these instructions. [Photo: Splash of Something]

4. Make your own Urban Outfitters knockoff himmeli sculptures using this simple tutorial. [Photo: Delineate Your Dwelling]

Roundup: 10 Clever Paper Straw DIYs

5. Having a party? Make a set of these paper straw blowers as little favors! Find out more here. [Photo: Sugar Bee Crafts]

6. Straws can also be useful for making wreaths.... check out the tutorial for this winter birch tree wreath here. [Photo: Made By Marzipan

Roundup: 10 Clever Paper Straw DIYs

7. Make a last minute Christmas ornament in the shape of a tree using these instructions. [Photo: Make & Do Crew

8. These DIY paper flowers use straws for stems. Get the how-to here. [Photo: Aunt Peaches]

Roundup: 10 Clever Paper Straw DIYs

9. These little paper straw easels would be perfect for holding business cards in your office or menus at a party. Get the tutorial here. [Photo: Craft and Creativity]

10. Find out how to make these beautiful hanging pendent lights here. [Photo: Remodelista]

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