Eye Candy: Decked Out Halls and Banisters for the Holidays

I am always love interiors that go all out with Holiday decor beyond the room with the Christmas tree. These are the houses that Christmas cheer is found in most rooms... even in small ways. Here are some interiors that have literally decked the halls and staircases for the holidays.    


1. I usually like more eclectically modern spaces, but at Christmas I love the classic and traditional feel of greenery and red bows.

Source: House and Home via the Inspired Room

2. I love the look of simply live greenery and no frills. It is not too late to hang it, in fact, you are right on time. Live greenery really should be hung two weeks before Christmas day or it will brown and get old.

3. In a season where many people enter your home, its fun to make it festive and welcoming.

4. This oversized berry paper garland is an amazing. This is a colorfully modern take on the tradtional banister decor.

5. I love the mixture of of live greenery and tinsel. I also love how the tinsel blends into the built-ins while still being festive.

6. The greenery on top of the chalkboard schedule reminds you to be cheery even when busy.

7. Blue is one of my favorite non-traditional Christmas colors. The simplicity of the blue ornaments and the gold beading on the staircase is unique.

Source: Little Green Notebook

8. Jenny Komenda always put together unique spaces. The ceiling full of hanging stars in her piano room and the typographic garland hanging on the staircase is colorful and eclectic.

9. Here is a Scandinavian take on staircase garland with the simple red berrys and simple ornaments.

Source: Little Green Notebook

10. This technically isn't a "hall" but this is an example of how to add in your everyday decor while "decking your halls." Adding a couple of wreath's to the existing mirror is quite festive.

If you are like me, I am never fully finished "decking the halls" until the night before Christmas. It's part of what is fun about Christmas for me to keep adding onto the decor. Are you done with Christmas decorating, or do you add as you go like me? Whether its for this year or your logging ideas for next I hope you found some inspiration to make your home filled with holiday cheer.

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