Make It: DIY Christmas Bell Chimes

Christmas Pipe Bells

The holiday season is for getting together and having fun with the people you love. One of my family's favorite Christmas activitites is playing our handmade Christmas chimes. These were a gift to our family and we have had some serious memories and laughter playing these bells. If you want to add some epic Christmas cheer to your next party here is how you make these Christmas bells. 

Christmas Pipe Bells


Christmas Pipe Bells

Step 1: Print off the measurements.  Measure and cut the pipes. Use a dry erase marker to number the pipes. This is important that the pipe have the correct number because this how you play the bells.

Christmas Pipe Bells

Here are my pipes in order. The lower the number the larger the pipe. Notice the raw look of the electric conduit. You can use cleaner to get the blue off or sand it down a little. I chose to keep mine there. Whatever you do, don't spray paint them. You will lose some sound quality. Also, while copper would be really pretty it would not chime as well as the electrical conduit. These are a pretty decor to have out but the real fun is the game The game is all about the chimes.

Chrismtas Pipe Bells

Step 2: Drill a hole all the way through both sides of the pipe about 1/4 inch below the top of the pipe. I will say this is the only step I felt like I needed help. It helps to have someone hold the pipe in place while you drill.

Christmas Pipe Bells

There should be two holes each pipe for your twine. Again, the easiest way to do this is to drill straight through both sides of the pipe.

Christmas Pipe Bells

Step 3: Use the washi tape to wrap the bells.

Christmas Bell Pipes

Step 4: Place sticker of the pipe's assigned number on top of the washi tape. 

Step 5: Thread your twine through the holes on the bell.

Christmas Pipe Bells

Step 6: Download and print your music. Your bells are ready to play!

How to Play

  • Grab some metal spoons and pass a spoon and a bell out to everyone playing. You can use large metal nails but we have young kiddos so spoons are the better option for us.
  • Pass out the music and choose a song. 
  • Give everyone in the circle a bell. The music has listed at the top what bells are needed.
  • Hold the bell by the twine in one hand and the spoon in the other hand.
  • There are no musical notes involved only numbers.  Yes...this is great news for all of us non musical people. You hit your bell with your spoon when the number of your bell comes up in the music.

Christmas Pipe Bells

The chimes also make a pretty decoration...ready for your Christmas party.

Christmas Bell Pipes

Christmas Pipe Bells

I don't remember laughing harder at Christmas than when we play these bells. You find out quickly who is musical, who is musically challenged, and who in the group has their own beat...different than everyone else. Laugh, have fun and cheer loud when you make it through a song together. These are also great gifts to surprise your friends with when you go to their Christmas party. Have fun!

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Jennifer Farley on Dec 18, 2017:

There are only two available for download here but you can find others online. Have fun!

Jennifer Mohr on Dec 18, 2017:

I only see two songs available for the music - are there others that you have?!

Brittney on Dec 09, 2017:

Hello! We just made half of the chimes (we need to go back to the store and buy some more conduit). I tried to download the music and it has an error every time I try to print it out. Also the PDF only has two songs. Are there suppose to be more?

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