Inspiration: 10 Very Christmas-y Kitchens

Inspiration: 10 Very Christmas-y Kitchens

Christmas decorations do sneak into my kitchen this time of year, but not like these kitchens. I am completely inspired by them. Fun, festive and completely inviting. I can imagine drinking a hot cup of cocoa in any of them. How about you?

Admittedly, white kitchens have an advantage at  Christmastime, as the red elements pop like crazy! Loving this example from Pink Peonies.  

Christmas kitchen 1
Photo: Pink Peonies

If you'd like your kitchen stools a bit more cozy,  fun Santa hat slipcovers might be the way to go. 

Christmas Kitchen 2
Photo: How to Nest for Less


Doubt I'd buy a KitchenAid mixer to match my Christmas decorations, but if you happen to have a RED one, then this is the time of year to bust it out and show it off. (LOVE the snowflakes.)

Christmas kitchen 3
Photo: Decoist

I'm sure the checked curtains in this kitchen look charming during the off-season, but they are absolutely perfect during Christmastime, especially with the addition of two simple wreaths. (Shout out to that gold/brass hardware! Looks great with that natural wood countertop.)

Christmas kitchen 4
Photo: Talk of the House

Speaking of checked, check out this black and white combo taking place in the eating area of a kitchen:

Christmas kitchen 5
Photo: Midwest Living

Pendant lights make for a perfect opportunity to add a little (or a lot of) swag to the kitchen. 

Christmas kitchens 6
Photo: Hub Pages

Okay, not many of us might have room from a full-size Christmas tree in our kitchen, but how about a 2 or 3 footer? This on eis decorated with cookies and old fashioned candies that can be picked off the tree and popped into your mouth. 

Christmas kitchen 7
Photo: House Beautiful

If you happen to have a kitchen island, it's the perfect place to display a Christmas tree. 

Christmas kitchen 8
Photo: The Kitchen Experts

Christmas drama abounds in this galley kitchen. 

Christmas kitchen 9
Photo: Coffee Pearls and Poetry

And, finally, no red for this charming blue kitchen. Just a simple wreath with a coordinating bow. Perfection. 

Christmas kitchen 10
Photo: Stylish Eve








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