Gift Guide: 10 Handmade Treasures for Mid-Century Modern Lovers

10 MCM Gifts that are Handmade

We love a good gift guide with a Mid-Century vibe. This year we've rounded up a collection of MCM gifts that are handmade. That's right; we've gathered a set of 10 gifts to delight the Mid-Century Modern enthusiast on your list.

MCM Teardrop Shelf

1. Teardrop Shelf.


MCM Plant Hanger

2. Plant Hanger.


MCM Printable Art

3. Midcentury Printable Art. (Here's another beauty. And, another.)


MCM Walnut Magazine Rack

4. Walnut Magazine Rack


MCM Toss Pillow

5. Toss Pillow

MCM Whale Ring Holder

6. Whale Ring Holder.

MCM Hand-woven Tapestry

7. Hand-Woven Tapestry. There are so many beautiful options in Eastknits Etsy Shop.

MCM Clock

8. Star Clock.

MCM Cat Cuff

9. Cat Cuff.

MCM Teak Cufflinks

10. Teak Cufflinks.


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bruno on Nov 29, 2015:

@wallzilla - thanks for the feedback. We'd never want to promote a rip-off, but we're not really in a position to make a judgment in this case. If you'd like to provide us with some more info, please feel free to e-mail admin@curbly.com.

wallzilla on Nov 28, 2015:

Hello Curbly,
the print you shared is a baltant copy of our original print, this shop copied many of our original designs to sell them as cheap printables. Also the second shop Tempes Modernes is a well known for copying and they already were forced to delete a lot of their designs but still copy other shops regularly

Marco Velice on Nov 15, 2015:

That walnut magazine rack is awesome. If someone can share a DIY on that, it will get me busy one weekend. 

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